About me

Hi, I’m Lauren! Just to be clear, I’m not a fitness industry professional in any way.  Nope. But I do have a demanding career and, in my downtime (when I get it!), I enjoy a good sweaty workout!

I’m a lawyer working the daily (and sometimes nightly!) grind in London and, as a result, I don’t really have much spare time on my hands!! As a professional in a high-pressured job, it’s so difficult to find enough time to take care of myself. So just to give myself even less time to spare, I’ve decided to start this blog to share my struggles (and hopefully triumphs along the way!) trying to fit exercise and healthy eating into my busy schedule.

I know there are a lot of you out there who are currently performing the same juggling act as I am. I hope this blog can not only be a place where you can seek solace that it’s not just you dropping a ball every once in a while but also (my ulterior motive!) a place where we can share tips on how to juggle it all like a pro!!!


Important: Nothing on this site is intended to be expert advice in any way. Before following any tips and suggestions on this site, you should conduct your own research and check they're suitable for you.