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Okay so I'm being super lazy this week as I've been far too busy!!! Sorry guys!! However, I've prepped a light-hearted blog post for you all which is definitely still fun and useful, so bear with me... 

Finding that motivation...

Do you ever have times when you are totally not up for doing a workout? Er, dur, of course you do and I'm totally with you!! Despite feeling a little bit mer about working out, there are those moments when you actually manage to conquer that first feeling of dread and change into your gym gear and put your trainers on. Maybe this still doesn't help with your level of enthusiasm though?!....But then there are those magical moments when you stick your headphones on, put on your favourite workout playlist and somehow suddenly you're feeling pumped and ready to go!! This has happened to me soooooo many times and then suddenly I've reached the end of the workout wondering how I managed it!!

I've now become somewhat of an expert (if I do say so myself!!!) at choosing the perfect music for the task. So I thought this week I'd do a list of some of my chosen favourites to work out to. Don't worry, for those of you who are all too aware that I love a bit of hip hop and grime, there's a variety of genres on this list that you can add to your playlist as you wish!!




1. Close your Eyes by Run the Jewels:

This is a new find for me and I bloody love it! I went for a run a few months back when I was training for a 10k. I hadn't been running for years, particularly doing that sort of distance so at best I was hoping for a solid....erm, 3km. I stuck a Run the Jewels playlist on (starting with this song) and it totally saw me through 9km!!! 

Tip: All of these songs must be played loudly and through decent headphones/speakers, otherwise, well, what's the point really?!

2. Fade by Kanye West: 

Okay so I know he's a bit of a knob now but this song is just SUCH.A.TUNE!! Also, if you haven't seen the video, you totally need to!!!!! I taught myself some of the dance once, true story.....didn't look quite like Teyana Taylor though unfortunately!! Fun though!

This is a good one for running but also has an amazing beat for squats and general bodyweight work.

3. Figure it Out by Royal Blood:

Told you there'd be a mix of genres!! Love this one for a consistent beat when you need something to keep you moving through your workout.

4. Where Are U Now by Jack U:

I know it has Justin Bieber in it but let's put that aside for one moment and appreciate the drop. I did a spin class once where they used this song and it was absolutely perfect!

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5. Waiting all Night by Rudimental (ft. Ella Eyre):

I used to listen to this all the time when I was cycling in the gym on the spin bikes. I love the build up and then you can just totally go for it!!

6. Party Up by DMX:

Sorry but who doesn't have this on their workout playlist!!!?? It's an essential. Fact. Unless you're doing yoga, then probably best avoid this one....

7. Rinse & Repeat by Riton:

If you haven't heard this one then you can thank me later. 

8. Kick out the Epic Motherf***er by Dada Life: 

Same as above. Lately there are very few things that make me want to go out for a run but somehow this song can power me through if I do! I used to listen to this on the treadmill all the time. Good if you're doing interval training. Give it a listen all the way through and you'll see what I mean.  

9. Vitamin by Incubus: 

An oldie but a goodie. I mean, what can I say? If this doesn't get you pumped for a workout then you might as well go back to bed! 

10. 3 Wheel-ups by Kano: 

I know I said this would be a mix of genres and I know grime can be controversial but I'm afraid this had to be done!!!  

11. She's Hearing Voices by Bloc Party: 

This song is from quite possibly my favourite album ever, so I could've chosen so many of the songs from it. I think this one is probably the best for getting you pumped though. What do you think?

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12. A Milli by Lil Wayne:

That beat though!!!! All I'll say is turn up the bass.

13. Rollin' by Limp Bizkit:

Again, what can I say??!! What more do you need to keep you sweating?!! 

14. A Place for my Head by Linkin Park: 

This one definitely had to go in there, if not just to pay some respect to Chester. If you're feeling angsty and need to sweat some of that angst out then this always works for me!!! 

15. Beats Knockin' by Jack U: 

Off the rock vibes for a sec. This has got an amazing drop at the end to see you through those last few push ups!!! 

16. Work Bitch by Britney Spears: 

I'm sorry but this had to be done!! Don't hate me!!! I mean, what more do you need to work bitch than Britney telling you that if you don't, you won't get a Lamborghini and you won't get to live fancy!! 


There are so many more songs I could've put on this list, I had to contain myself!!! Just so no song was left out, I've put together a Spotify playlist for you guys. Just search for "The Professional Sweater Workout" or click the link below!

Enjoy your next workout!!!! 

If you have any other suggestions for my playlist that get you up and sweating it out, I would love to hear them!!!! Email me or leave a comment below. I've also made a collaborative playlist called "The Professional Sweater Collab Mix" that you can all add your tunes to. So get adding!!