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Flykick ( is a brand spanking new fitness class in Regent's Place, London where they offer a workout they've coined the Flykick Formula. I went to try it out last weekend with the crew at Barbell Brunch Club (

Depending on your location, Flykick should be fairly easy to get to for a lot of Londoners, being only a short distance from Warren Street tube station. I can attest to how close it is to Warren Street, having run from there to Flykick. I'd been advised that I wouldn’t be able to partake in the class if I missed the safety briefing and, well, I was definitely going to miss the safety briefing if I didn’t at least jog there…I was already running pretty late, partly due to my bus driver stopping the bus to have a wee! As you do!

Having eventually made it (in a slightly sweaty state) to Regent’s Place, Flykick was easy to spot as the gym is glass fronted with huge letters in the window which spell out its name. Partly because it is brand new but also because thought has visibly been put into its design, the entrance creates a wonderful first impression. Its crisp white and blue colour scheme is fresh and clean and the big windowed frontage lends the place a really airy, bright feel.


The girl at the front desk was also very friendly and helpful, which always adds to that first impression. She provided me with the hand wraps I would need for the class, which you can purchase there for £5 (you can't hire them). I was also given a pair of “Stinkies”, Flykick's witty name for the gloves used in the class because as you can imagine they do get pretty sweaty!


I was shown to the changing rooms where I went to find a locker and prepare myself for the class. The facilities are pristine; offering lovely showers with deliciously scented toiletries, mirrored areas to beautify oneself after a session dah-ling and of course hairdryers and straighteners. All of this now seems to be par for the course in most London gyms (particularly if you’re paying through the nose!). There was also plenty of locker space, although it was relatively quiet when I was there so it would be interesting to see if that changes when it's busier.

After I’d changed and given the sandalwood shower gel a good sniffing, I made my way to the workout room which is incredibly cool. The floor is a black springy, cushioned material which felt super comfy underfoot. I should mention that you either do the workout barefoot or you can wear socks if you want to spare the other gym-goers the sight (or smell) of your feet! Along either side of the room were two lines of black punching bags, just beckoning us to kick the shit out of them.

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I am certainly one to judge a gym by the music they play (if I hear “I wanna dance with somebody” then I’m out!) and I was suitably impressed with the music going on in the room both before and during the workout. I mean, they played Jesus Walks! If that's not a thumbs up I don't know what is!

After I’d oo-ed and awww-ed at the facilities and done a little bit of booty shaking to the music, the workout finally began. The Flykick formula as they call it involves a 10 minute HIIT workout (bloody knackering!!), a really good stretch (unusual for most gyms but very refreshing they focused on it so much here) and then you get to the bag work before finishing with some abs work in pairs.

I have absolutely no experience of boxing or kick boxing so I have to say, I was a little bit lost when we first started the bag work. Having had no experience whatsoever (and limited coordination!), I also found the demonstrations for each exercise quite difficult to follow and subsequently get the hang of. I'm always very conscious of using the correct form when I’m exercising as I hate getting injured, so not knowing exactly what I was doing meant that I was a little too tentative. As a result, I didn’t get as great a workout as I could have (although I was still pretty exhausted by the end!). Flykick have obviously thought about this though because there were two instructors in the class, meaning they were both able to keenly watch us all and give us tips when we weren’t using the correct technique, which certainly helped somewhat to counter my ineptitude. I'm sure if I went to the class a few more times I would pick it up fairly quickly and once I did I would have an awesome workout. If you are already competent in those types of sports or have some experience of them, I would certainly recommend giving this class a go because no doubt you won't have the same problem I did!

I know you frugal lot will also want to know how much this is going to set you back. Anybody not from London look away now, as the prices I’m about to quote come with a real risk of fainting. For all of you Londoners out there, you’ll be used to it by now I’m sure! For a “First Time Flyer”, it’s £27 for 3 classes to be used within 1 month, plus you get a pair of gloves to keep. Not bad! It does get more expensive from there though with a 20 class pack lasting 12 months being £300, so £15 per class. That works out to nearly 2 classes every month for a year and £25 per month (

Whether you have kick-boxed before or don’t even know what it is, I would recommend giving Flykick a go. Despite being a little frustrating at first because you may not know exactly what you are doing, overall it’s a fun and unusual workout that will almost certainly challenge you get to take your rage out on a bag before facing the day. Bonus!