After a short leave of absence...


So it turns out that working a full time job, staying fit and healthy, whilst also recording it all in a blog is super time-consuming! Sorry for not writing a blog for, oh, about 4 months!!!

The truth is, I felt a little uninspired at the start of this year. Why?

1. I had a few injuries, which meant I wasn't really able to exercise as much as I would have liked to. 

2. The cold and dark winter hit me quite hard; it made me feel extremely demotivated about moving my bod and all in all just got me feeling a bit lacklustre really. When it's dark and frigging freezing at 6pm the only thing for it is PJ's, carbs and Netflix! I'll try to get a blog post up about that soon.

3. I was super busy at work preparing for two upcoming trials. There's definitely no blog post imminent on that particular topic...I think I'd fall asleep writing it so I certainly wouldn't put you through reading it!

I know, excuses excuses!! You're totally right but that is the reality of it I'm afraid. Well, now that the summer is here (I know, I know, it might be winter again tomorrow!), I'm feeling super motivated and I'm back in the game with the exercise and healthy eating malarky! I promise my mind is now whirring with more exciting ideas for the blog and I'll be putting more regular posts up for your reading pleasure. So watch this space...