Best Health and Fitness Podcasts


I have a confession to make....I'm addicted to podcasts!

When you don’t have much time on your hands to sit down and read, podcasts are a great way to take in information on the move.  That’s why I love them! 

No time to read? 

I love reading books but, particularly as I don’t have much spare time and now that I commute by bike, I often find the only time I read is when I’m in bed at night.  I generally tend to fall asleep two pages in!!  So I really love podcasts because they give me an opportunity to absorb information at times I can’t otherwise read a book; whilst stretching or cooking dinner for example (obviously not whilst riding the bike, don’t worry Mum!). 

Some of my favourite podcasts to listen to are health and fitness podcasts (obvs!).  There are some amazing ones out there which I thought I would share with you here.

The Doctor's Kitchen


I’ve been following Rupy Aujla of The Doctor’s Kitchen on social media for a while now and have also recently purchased his cook book (the Butternut Massaman Curry is to die for by the way!).  He’s been a practising doctor for a number of years now and is passionate about using food and lifestyle change as medicine. I really resonate with his whole approach.  He doesn’t over complicate being healthy; he makes it enjoyable and doesn’t advocate for any sort of silly restrictive diets. 

He's had some great guests on his podcast, each who specialise in particular areas of health care and who all feel just as passionately about taking a different, more lifestyle-based approach to medicine.  Some of the topics he’s discussed include “Eating Colourful”, “Eating for your Skin” and “Eating for PCOS”. 

It’s an extremely informative and interesting podcast and who better to get information about your health from than an actual (forward-thinking) doctor! 

I’m a massive fan of this podcast and if you happen to be a bit of a nutrition geek like me you’ll love it, as he explains things in a lot of detail and also discusses some of the science behind it all too.  For those of you thinking that might be a bit too heavy for you, I’d recommend you start by just picking some episodes at random that peak your interest.  I have no doubt you will find an episode that engages and interest you!

The Food Medic


Another doctor, this time Hazel Wallace. I also follow Hazel on social media and love her approach to health, fitness and wellness in general.  Not only is she a doctor but she's also a qualified PT....yep, basically an over-achiever making us all look bad buuuuut she seems super nice and has built her business empire single-handed, so we'll let her off!

This is a slightly newer podcast, still in its first season but it’s very good quality.  She’s also had a number of great guests on, including doctors and nutritionists, to discuss things like “Food for Fitness” and “When to Eat”. 

Again, I’m a massive geek so this podcast pushes my buttons in that it delves into quite a bit of detail and touches on the science behind it all.  That said, it’s still very accessible and user friendly.  Definitely give it go! 

Fit & Fearless


This podcast is by the 3 ladies who run The Girl Gains, which is in their words “a movement which aims to unite women, create a community and educate, empower and inspire them to become the best versions of themselves”.  It’s not as sappy as it sounds, I promise! 

The podcast deals with health and fitness (naturally!) but touches a lot more on the fitness side of things than some of the others in this list, most of the ladies being fitness instructors themselves.  Some of the topics they’ve covered are “CrossFit”, “Are classes worth it?” and “Why weights make you badass, not bulky”. 

The podcast is informative but is very upbeat and easy to digest.  Definitely one to tune into! 

Don't Salt my Game


This podcast is by Laura Thomas, a registered nutritionist and intuitive eating therapist, and is more focused on nutrition, intuitive eating and body positivity.  It also touches a lot on disordered eating and eating disorders. which is a particularly prevalent topic at the moment.  Laura encourages people to improve their overall relationship with food rather than just prescribing what we should eat.

Each episode features a guest knowledgeable in the particular area being discussed and some of those discussions have included "How diet culture is ruining our sex lives", "Is it healthy to be fat?" and "How to make peace with food and your body".

Go check it out!

Feel Better Live More


Another doctor who hosts his own podcast and who you may have heard of before is Dr Rangan Chatterjee.  He’s appeared on the BBC show Doctor in the House and has lots of experience as a medical practitioner. 

He takes a similar approach to health to that of The Doctor's Kitchen and The Food Medic in that he thinks rather than immediately reaching for the pills, doctors should first try to help their patients change their lifestyle.  He promotes a four-point plan we should all follow to improve our health.  It's not as restrictive or complicated as it sounds but just includes sleep, relaxation, food, and exercise.  Easy!

As with the above podcasts, his guests are all experts in their particular fields or have a personal interest in the topics being discussed.  Topics he's discussed include things like "How to stay calm in a busy world", "Gut health and why we need to throw out the rule book" and "Body Image, motherhood and the challenges of modern life".

I find him and his podcast really engaging and I would definitely recommend giving it a go!


This was a speedy summary of the various podcasts I listen to I know but hopefully it's given you some inspiration to go forth and conquer iTunes.  Let me know what you think of them and if you have any recommendations for podcasts I haven't mentioned, let me know! I'm always on the lookout for more!