Exercising in the heatwave!!


To say it's been hot these past few weeks is an understatement!  For anybody that has managed to get to the gym or head out for a run, I have so much respect for you.  How have I fared on that front? Well, I'll be honest, not great!  So, how can we all stay motivated when the weather is hot hot hot?!

Hot hot hot!!!


My office isn't fully air conditioned (I know! Urgh!) so it's been slightly unbearable recently.  By about 3pm I've been desperate to crawl under my desk with an ice pack and sleep.  Not great when you're super busy and have to concentrate to avoid being completely negligent!  I don't know about you guys but on arriving home in the evenings, I've literally just sat in my pants in front of the fan feeling like a complete zombie.  

Literally the last thing I've wanted to do in the evening is exercise.  Hats off to any of you reading this who have managed to do that.  You have my upmost respect!  My preferred work out time is usually the morning anyway so heat in the evening hasn't affected my routine much.  However, it turns out I really don't sleep well in the heat so getting up at 5/5:30am to work out feels utterly impossible and (given the lack of sleep) is probably ill-advised anyway!  


The only exercise I've managed to stick to consistently during the heatwave has been cycling to work and back.  Cycling is pretty tough in the heat though, even when wearing inappropriately short shorts!  Commuting in London on a bike is also a tad disgusting in the extreme temperatures, what with the fumes and general amount of additional heat and pollution being generated by the traffic.  That said, I'd do anything to avoid the 45 degree temperatures and the resulting sweaty armpits I'd have the pleasure of dealing with on the underground!! 

Have I moaned enough yet?!

If you struggle to exercise in the heat, here are a few tips:

1. Visit your air-conditioned gym early in the morning when the temperature is at it's coolest and you are most likely to be feeling your freshest.  To ensure you get enough sleep to achieve this (unlike me!), go to bed a little earlier, take a cold shower before you do and invest in a good fan for your bedroom.  Best thing I ever bought!!

2. If you're not a member of a gym (or your gym doesn't have air con!) invest in that fan and work out at home.  Even if you manage a 20-30 minute workout, it's better than nothing!  Also, the fab thing about working out at home in the heat is you can do it practically naked!  No-one but you is watching....well, hopefully not anyway!

3. If you're struggling to exercise whether in the morning or evening, it could be you're not hydrating enough.  I spent a week or so of the heatwave in long meetings where I didn't have access to as much water as I usually do when at my desk.  I could definitely feel the difference in how slovenly and tired I felt.  Even my usual two litres a day hasn't felt like enough to properly hydrate me this summer! In conclusion, drink more water!

4. If the only exercise you can manage is your commute to work, you can contentedly resign yourself to the fact that is absolutely sufficient!  If you’re able to drag yourself out of bed and cycle/walk (or whatever active method you are using to commute to work) in the heat then there is no judgment here if you happen to skip your other workouts!!

5. If all else fails and you just cannot be bothered to get any sweatier than you probably already are in the heat, try a spot of yoga just to keep your body moving.

A UK summer is known for being fairly hit and miss when it comes to the temperature and it does now seem to be cooling down slightly.  Phew!! However, if those temperatures start to soar to ridiculous heights again, you can rest assured with these handy tips.


I would love to know how motivated you've been this summer so far (whether more or less) and when you have been working out (if you have that is!!). Comment below with your story!